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Samuni (Flowjob)

Name Saman Hamdi
Style Breakdance
Country Germany
City Göttingen / Montpellier
Personal Quote

"Flowjob is for the babies!!!"



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I’ve been dancing for a very long time now and for me, breaking is definetely the queen of all arts. Dance is a creative solution for me to keep my balance when I’m stressed out. On the other hand it motivates me a lot to take control of my life. As for me, my condition depends on how much I exercise of course, but above all it depends on how satisfied and productive I am on the whole.  
I love this culture, not only because of the great battles and dancing experiences, but especially because it brought me some of my best friends (like Gazelle) and some of the craziest and most awesome idiots I’ve known in my life.
You definetly get to know a lot of first-rate people through dance and you see places you would have never seen otherwise. 


The flat I share with my buddies, which is both training room and Mecca of spiritual silliness. 


There are too many – it always depends on the mood I’m in. But definetely „Floor Invaders“ in Magdeburg.