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Perfect Elements Crew

Style Breakdance
Country Morocco
City Rabat
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The story begins in 2007, between flap and salty. Youth talent group "elements perfect." Began their careers in the street has always been a place of learning, of meeting, creating and performing, from which they draw their inspiration.

Passion for hip-hop culture imported directly from state-Unit, and through their common artistic taste associated with a strong friendship, they decided to work together. And this is the last time that the myth "Pefects Elements Crew" will be created.

Their way of being together, making them a true laboratory of artistic research, drawing their open environment and facing the future without ever betraying the original "underground" of break-dance.

After participating in various national events and festivals, the group has had remarkable success and they are now among the best troops in Morocco. They took dance theater on the stage and brought a different perspective on Hip-Hop. These dancers have shown their ability to explore other dance forms to discover other techniques, they are experienced in writing scenographic and constraints of the scene.

This is a group or unit, complicity and the pleasure of dancing are the watchwords.