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Style Breakdance
Country Germany
City Magdeburg
Personal Quote

Alles geben! Always do your best!


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I started with break dance September 2005. Then I did not know how much my life would change because of breaking. Probably like most, I didn’t take it that serious at the beginning. Also I was still playing water polo and breaking was more like a hobby. If I am honest, I wasn’t so much into the typical basics at the beginning and only went for the acrobatic elements.

After about one and a half year I had my first presentation with a dance group from Magdeburg. This was a big thing for me as I have never dance in front of an audience before. But the show was a big success and gave me motivation to train harder. The same when I took part in my first battle! I noticed how much energy I am getting out of breaking and my motivation gained. Finally in the summer of 2007 I stopped water polo and got more serious in dancing. Not to forget my crew members (Intelekz, Crisrok, Semias, Samuni) and best friends, that pushed me. From Intelekz I learned the first steps and Semieas was one of my biggest competitors. We started at the same time, and pushed each other trying to surpass the other. This summer was my personal turning point, I started tot rain 3-5 times a week and only concentrated in dancing. Of course my school grades suffered, but that wasn’t important.

I have to admit I only trained for the battles. To battle and to compete the competitors was my biggest motivation and probably is still. But after a while I noticed that there is much more potential in break dancing than I’d thought. I learned to be more patient, as not everything can work out at first try. But it is possible to master things with enough training I never thought I could learn.  I learned to be determined, watch over my body and that will power can open doors.

Furthermore dancing opens up room for development and to do just what I like. There is no limitation of movements, it is possible to combine everything. Personally, it is important to be able to do everything at least a little bit. I want to know all categories (Toprock, Footwork, Powermoves, Freezes etc.). I have been dancing for about seven years, but only shortly I realized that the most importants moves are the basics. Because a profound basis is the key to creativity. It’s nonsense when people say one has to try to be creative. That  won’t work, either you are or you are not. „Trying to be something“ means not being oneself. Therefore I find it important not to enforce anything, but to trust my feeling. Once you start playing a role, it is not easy to get back to your own self.

In the beginning I mentioned my life changed tremendously since I started b-boying. I have stated many reasons, but what is most important to me: I found real friends and that it was probably my destination to become a b-boy.