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Kid James

Name James Ashraf
Style Breakdance
Country Germany
City Göttingen
Personal Quote

“Actually everyone copies everyone. We are a culture and will pass on what we know.“


Turning ...
... turning ...
... James

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Kid James is from Göttingen, Germany. His crew is called "Lost Kidz". James was also part of the crew Flowjob with whom he the Battle of the Year for Germany in 2010.

He loves battling more than the choreographies,yet he is also into theater. Among other places he performs at the German theater in Göttingen ( In his hometown he also teaches break dance, so you can check out the courses at the Hip Hop Dance Academy:

If you want to know more about Kid James, look at all the parts of his story. You can watch his dance clips on youtube, in his own channel, or look at his facebook site. All these parts tell their another little part about the whole story about Kid James.