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Name Jilou Rasul // How I Met A B-Girl
Style Breakdance, Hip Hop
Country Germany
City Cologne
Personal Quote

"Bgirls can do as much as bboys, they just do it differently..."


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Jilou lives in Cologne and is one of the few bgirls who contribute just as much to the breakdance culture as bboys. Recently she participated – as the only b-girl among 15 bboys – in the RedBull BC ONE's Cypher in Cologne, Germany, one of the most important events in Germany. Here you can read an article (in German):

Her crew - How I Met A B-Girl - is scattered all over Germany and even beyond, but they have found their own ways to train new moves and choreographies. In 2012 they were the first b-girl crew to take part in the German Battle of the Year. Together with Anna Active (also HIMAB) she took also part in the We B*Girlz battle at the Boty Germany.