Our terms & conditions.

State: 7. September 2012

1.  Yourbeat.org presents stories about dancers worldwide (the stories include videos, audio documents, pictures, photographs, drawings, quotes, personal information, links, texts) that are either
a.) submitted by the team of YOURBEAT.ORG under “featured stories”.
b.) submitted voluntarily by site visitors under “homemade stories” through upload and/or sent to online data sharing sites and platform as e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Facebook, etc.

2.  The content that YOURBEAT.ORG provides or that is uploaded or linked by users is supposed to be documentary content, representing real life situations, statements and personal statements. The project is to gather dancers – with a focus on break dance and streetdance – with the approach to tell stories about dancers, dance, the passion for dance from the voices of dancers world wide. With YOURBEAT.ORG we want to create a platform that gathers dancers from all over to socialize, to inspire each other and any other users of the site as well as to give the possibility to learn from each other. There will be more features on the site, as e.g. an interactive section and more.

3. The content of the site is open to everyone who visits yourbeat.org. To open a profile and share a personal “story”, everyone above the age of 13 is allowed to register and to set up a user account. By registering you agree to these terms and conditions (please read here: http://yourbeatorg.abcde.biz/about/terms) and agree to stating your legal name, birth date, email address, and further profile information as stated under yourbeat.org. Any violation or infringement of the website or contents may be subject to erasing the content and links.

4. Yourbeat.org is a transmedia project by Beleza Film – Jessica Landt and Falk Nagel GbR – with its legal base at Jenfelder Allee 80, 22045 Hamburg, Germany and Anklamer Str. 4, 10115 Berlin, Germany that presents itself on various media, internet-sites and social media sites, as there are e.g. Facebook.com/yourbeat,org, Youtube.com/yourbeatorg, and others. Yourbeat.org shall also be presented in other media, magazines, press releases, and on the website www.belezafilm.de
a.) The project is at the moment financed by First Motion, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, EU, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Beleza Film. It is intended to raise further financing for the project in forms of public founding, private or corporate equity as well as sponsoring in any form.

5. Every user of the site and project or contributor to the project who presents information on the site YOURBEAT.ORG
a.) confirms that he or she owns the rights of the audio visual content, pictures, photographs, drawings, quotes, personal information, audio documents, links, texts, or any other medium that they publish)
b.) confirms that he/she authorizes the use of their personal information to be linked to the website YOURBEAT.ORG itself, or to any other site within the context of the project (as there are Facebook, Youtube, etc….).
c.) authorizes the use of their stories, images, videos and all the contents transmitted to YOURBEAT.ORG and its successor and founder Beleza Film GbR for publication on the site YOURBEAT.ORG, or its Youtube, vimeo or similar channels as well as its social media or networking sites as Facebook, as well as on any smart phone applications or in any web documentary, or web series created on the site YOURBEAT.ORG or any project partner websites made by the YOURBEAT.ORG-team.
d.) If there will be any further use of the content this will be communicated prior to the use to the members of YOURBEAT.ORG.
e.) The contributors guarantee YOURBEAT.ORG that the contents transmitted, uploaded or linked do not infringe in any way any third party right, such as copyright, privacy right and/or other right whatsoever. Only the contributors shall be deemed responsible in case of any violation of such warranty.
f.) The use of videos, photos, texts, or any other audio or visual material cannot entail any type of payment of copyright or remuneration in any form whatsoever.

6. Yourbeat.org reserves the right to refuse any content to be published on or linked to YOURBEAT.ORG if it presents any of the following conditions:
a.)The physical representation of any individual (dance groups are also allowed) which might not be identified.
b.) Stories or any content that is contrary to law (racism, incitement to violence or hatred, defamation, pornography, pedophilia, sexism, homophobia…)
c.) Representations of any work that falls under copyright different from the user that published the content.
d.) Videos whose technical quality is poor (blurry pictures, illegible videos, inaudible soundtrack). These are subject to the decision of the team of YOURBEAT.ORG.
e.) Any content that does not identify with the core idea of YOURBEAT.ORG may be erased. This is subject to the decision of the team of YOURBEAT.ORG.

7. The use of Yourbeat.org is at no charge.

8. Yourbeat.org tries to take the best care of any contents uploaded to the website YOURBEAT.ORG, but will not be liable for loss with or damages to the content.

9. These terms of use may be modified throughout the development of the project. Any changes will be published under YOURBEAT.ORG.

10. For these terms and conditions and for all legal relations between the user and Beleza Film – Jessica Landt and Falk Nagel GbR, only German law to the exclusion of any conflicts of laws applies. The sole place of jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany. If particular provisions of the terms and conditions are or become ineffective, all other provisions remain in force.