2012/11/18 BOTY Montpellier

The Battle of the Year and the whole week was a real blast! We filmed at workshops of Niek, Mounir and Roxrite, saw theater performances of Vagbond, Pockemon and Wanted Posse, went to the We B*Girlz / 1vs.1 battles and were watching the great shows and battles at the final event.
The stadium was packed with 40.000 people and the "La Ola Wave" wandered for about 15 times. Such an amazing atmosphere!

2012/09/17 YOURBEAT @ BOTY GERMANY 2012

Hello bboys and bgirls!

Yet another battle is over and we STILL can't get enough - thanks to the AWESOME performances we were lucky enough to witness at the Battle Of The Year Germany last weekend in Hanover!

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the evening, Reckless Gang (crew-battle) as well as Wal-D (1vs1 bboy-battle), and the bgirls Lil Jen and Val (2vs2 bgirl-battle) who have qualified for the BOTY Finals in Montpellier in November. 
Hopefully, we'll see you there!! Until then: Take a look at the PICTURES we took on Saturday.

And finally, here's what remains to be said: even if you didn't win - our LOVE and RESPECT goes out to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU bboys, bgirls and crews and we're already excited to see some more of you on YOURBEAT.ORG! 

Create a profile and show us what you've got!


2012/09/11 featured in Backspin Mag!

Backspin Mag posted an article on and sent 5 questions to be answered. Jessica and Falk told the story about the project, the platform and their ideas behind.

2012/09/09 Videos per Download or DVD!

We would like to spread the word and the dance! On the internet as well as offline in your home, school or commercial cinema location.

All videos (Featured Stories) are available as "single" or compilation as download, DVD or Blueray. For private use, but we also licence the videos as download or DVD/Blueray for commercial and non commercial exploitation.

Please contact us for an individual offer!

More information:

2012/09/07 YOURBEAT.ORG goes online!!

Welcome at YOURBEAT.ORG - the dance platform you can take part in! 

You are the first ones to check out our website in addition to our pages on Facebook and Youtube

Feel free to have a look and click your way through the different categories or watch our HOW-TO-TRAILER to check out, how YOURBEAT.ORG works! 

Watch dance videos and get to know dancers worldwide – FEATURED STORIES
Show what you’ve got and look at other user profiles – HOMEMADE STORIES
Find out what’s happening in the dance scene now and what will be – NEWS – EVENTS
Discover who is behind this project - THE TEAM – PARTNERS
Get answers to your questions – FAQ’S 


2012/06/16 YOURBEAT @ BBoy Massaka!

We are back again from a really nice weekend at Bielefeld - with a bunch of pretty fresh material from BBOY MASSAKA! Check out the first video on youtube - scenes of the battles in slow-motion and some pictures in our album on facebook!!

Emotions are flying high. Look at the adrenaline, the power and the awesome moves!

2012/06/13 Meet us @ BBoy Massaka in Bielefeld

Once again, YOURBEAT will leave the nest and attend another promising breakdance event - the BBOY MASSAKA in Bielefeld - to gather new hot material for the project! We will not only follow the participants and capture their 1:1's but also do interviews behind the scene, present our website and show you how you can participate and tell your own story on YOURBEAT.ORG!! 

Can't wait to meet you there!!

2012/06/02 Funded! Bboy for Life - The movie

Fortunately, the production company Nadus Films relied on the public to ensure that their amazing documentary project about three bboys from Guatemala City will see the light of day. Today, on crowdfunding platform kickstarter, they reached their funding goal of 20,000 $ which they will use for parts of the postproduction and marketing. Read more on their website and on kickstarter

Looking forward to the movie!

2012/05/01 Yourbeat @ Floor Invaders - Magdeburg

What a great decision to drive to Magdeburg the 27th of April. Invited by our friends from Flowjob and Bam we left Hamburg behind and drove off, direction south-east, and we didn't regret it!
We saw many talented bboys (no bgirl this time?) and of course we've got you on camera... check out the videos on facebook or on our youtube channel - and tell us what you think!

Thanx for a real nice evening @ FlowjobBam

We'll be back...