Dance is a universal language. A medium to communicate with people all over the world. It is the language of emotions. Of happiness and joy, of anger and frustration, of self-respect and integrity. In no need of words, it tells the stories of life, of those who live and love it. Dance knows no frontiers – it brings people together!

Using the advantages of a social network platform, we want to create a commonplace for dancers of all kinds from every corner of the planet. With you can connect and exchange your knowledge, show what you’ve got and inspire each other!“


YOURBEAT.ORG is an online platform that brings dancers worldwide together and supports intercultural exchange. It will grow continuously and soon provide a mosaic of individual dancers, portraying them within their art, their emotions and cultures. Besides their individual dance styles the artists allow an insight on their personal background: who are they, where do they live, what does dance mean to them? The first portraits are from Germany and Nigeria, but we’re about to meet dancers all around the world and introduce them to you soon!

But YOURBEAT.ORG is also a dance platform where you can take part in! Register here and fill in your profile, where you can upload pictures and link videos of yourself. Show us your individual style, your moves and tell us who you are!


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If you want to support our project, finance another story or stories as well as add new features to the website, then contact us!

We would like to spread the word and the dance! On the internet as well as offline in your home, school or commercial cinema location.

All videos (Featured Stories) are available as "single" or compilation as download, DVD or Blueray. For private use, but we also licence the videos as download or DVD/Blueray for commercial and non commercial exploitation.

Please contact us for an individual offer!

More information: PARTNERS EMAIL